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What are CBD Topicals?

About Topicals

A topical in essence, applies to any medicine that is applied directly to the skin. Our topical CBD products are actually made using the highest quality CBD oil and are reinforced with a nourishing formula, which varies per product. Discover more information about your favorite presentations for CBD by viewing our different topical application formulas, click below!

Topical Uses

Topical Uses

As claimed by our customers, the CBD helps with quick pain relief, anti-inflammation, wound healing, and treating joint pain. DMSO or ( dimethylsulfoxide) is known to help with pain relief and aid in faster wound healing. Our pain cream contains broad-spectrum CBD oil that has helped numerous customers counter joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, and has aided in wound healing. The Shea butter in our cream contains anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. Along with Mango Butter and Eucalyptus Essential Oil, it properly hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth, supple, and fresh.

500mg Roll On

Heavenly Garden’s roll-on gel is the perfect amalgam of CBD’s wonderful pain countering powers and the ease of use of the roll-on stick. Our roll-on gel is packed with 500mg of our top tier CBD, extracted using Nanotechnology from the purest of hemp to give you fast and boosted results. Our roll-on gel is infused with multiple all-natural ingredients.



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Lab Tested high quality CBD Products

CBD brands must have authentic laboratory reports to verify their medical products’ properties. Likewise, you must know the constituents of your CBD product before you start consuming it regularly. Does your CBD brand provide medical proof of its products? Heavenly Garden saves your laboratory visits by providing you with an authentic lab report of all our products.

Our medically tested CBD products are all you need for a healthy start of your day. The lab reports are publicly published on our website to demonstrate our dedication to your health. If you’researching for top-quality nutrient-rich CBD, you’re already at the right place.

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We are happy to offer several different presentations for our CBD extract.



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