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What are CBD Tinctures?

About Tinctures

A tincture in essence, applies to any medicine that is suspended or delivered in alcohol. Tincture CBD products are actually made using distilled alcohol to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the dry herb. A cannabis tincture is a popular dietary supplement containing a variety of cannabinoids, that can be taken orally or sublingually. A Heavenly Gardens CBD tincture will specifically contain high levels of CBD, and low (0.3%) or non-existent levels of THC. It’s thanks to the lack of THC, that CBD tincture effects do not include any of the mind-altering consequences associated with being “high”.

Tincture Uses

Tincture Uses

The main difference between the two different CBD tincture uses (being oral and sublingual dosing), is the length of time that the CBD takes to get into your bloodstream. Taking tinctures orally will result in a slower onset of longer-lasting effects while taking them sublingually will get the compounds in and out of your bloodstream much faster.

500mg Tincture

Experience the power of Heavenly Garden’s Broad Spectrum CBD tincture, packed with highly potent 500mg of CBD to give you that daily boost to go about your day perfectly! Our broad-spectrum CBD tincture ensures that you get an all-rounded experience of the hemp extract, boosted by the additional cannabinoids. Our CBD hemp oil is of the finest quality, extracted from the purest of hemp, free of any pesticides or chemicals. We take pride in our unflavored and 100% organic CBD tincture, crafted to enrich your body with the wonderfulness of CBD!


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Lab Tested high quality CBD Products

CBD brands must have authentic laboratory reports to verify their medical products’ properties. Likewise, you must know the constituents of your CBD product before you start consuming it regularly. Does your CBD brand provide medical proof of its products? Heavenly Garden saves your laboratory visits by providing you with an authentic lab report of all our products.

Our medically tested CBD products are all you need for a healthy start of your day. The lab reports are publicly published on our website to demonstrate our dedication to your health. If you’researching for top-quality nutrient-rich CBD, you’re already at the right place.

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