HG Passion Tonic 500 mg Hemp Oil: Raise libido, improve your sexual performance and increase your physical strength.


For men, DAA, in addition to increasing testosterone levels and thus muscle growth, is very important in sperm formation. One study has shown that d-aspartic acid is present in the process of spermatogenesis, i.e. sperm formation. It also affects their quality and improves reproduction in men. In addition, by increasing testosterone, it acts as a sexual stimulant and increases sexual desire.


For women, d-aspartic acid may play an important role in sexual life and reproduction. The study found that DAA was found to be a physiological component in a follicular fluid that decreases with age and affects the reproductive potential of women. It can therefore have a positive effect on women during menopause but also at working age, promoting reproductive potential and increasing libido. However, for women, the use of DAA should be consulted with a specialist or physician.

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