Heavenly Garden 500 MG Tincture


Experience the power of Heavenly Garden’s Broad Spectrum CBD tincture, packed with highly potent 500mg of CBD to give you that daily boost to go about your day perfectly! Our broad-spectrum CBD tincture ensures that you get an all-rounded experience of the hemp extract, boosted by the additional cannabinoids. Our CBD hemp oil is of the finest quality, extracted from the purest of hemp, free of any pesticides or chemicals. We take pride in our unflavored and 100% organic CBD tincture, crafted to enrich your body with the wonderfulness of CBD!

*Contains 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil per bottle

*Unflavored and Organic

*No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers


*Third-party lab tested to ensure safety and potency

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