Cannabidiol (hemp oil) is an organic extract of the Cannabis sativa plant. I can’t stress it enough that hemp oil has come to rescue people working in every field. It offers miraculous therapeutic effects by reducing inflammation, muscle soreness, anxiety, depression, boosting libido level and the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Besides inducing therapeutic effects, it enhances the quality of life of individuals by improving their performance. The hemp oil real claim to fame is its ability to calm the nerves.    

People from almost all fields are enjoying the perks of hemp oil. The huge demand has led to a sudden spike in the number of industries that produce hemp oil-based products. If you are an athlete or sportsperson or having problem in bed, here’s some good news for you. hemp oil can help you through your workout regime, and in your bedroom like nothing else. In this article, we will discuss how hemp oil performs this job

Does hemp oil have sexual benefits?

While there is a lot of research on hemp oil sexual benefits, there are new products on the market that claim to help with the following sexual issues.

Poor lubrication:

Adding a lubricant can enhance sexual performance and alleviate discomfort for those who suffer from dryness and painful intercourse. Several hemp oil manufacturers are developing hemp oil-infused lubricants as a way to improve sexual satisfaction.

Researchers have studied the results of topical hemp oil as a dermatology treatment. Topical hemp oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, according to a 2010 article in the journal Fitoterapia, which could potentially make sex more relaxed. There isn’t any research on hemp oil and lubrication, however.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED):

Ayurvedic practitioners have used Cannabis sativa, the plant from which marijuana and hemp oil are extracted, for many years to enhance ejaculatory function and sexual health, according to an article published in the journal BioMed Research.

The precise mechanism by which hemp oil can help with ED is unknown. hemp oil can help to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow, according to one theory. Improved blood flow to the penis will help with ED symptoms and encourage longer-lasting sex.

Low sex drive:

Another concept is that cannabis develops a robust sexual appetite in the brain. Cannabis stimulated the portion of people’s brains that regulates sexual arousal, according to a 2017 study. The researchers concluded that cannabis might be beneficial to people who have a low sex drive.

Hemp oil for Workout:

The majority of people still have a lot of misconceptions about hemp oil. The origin of hemp oil gives rise to most of these misconceptions because Cannabis sativa contains the substance THC, the principal and active psychoactive ingredient of Marijuana. 

However, hemp oil is not psychoactive because it contains less than 0.3% THC. Hence it serves the interests of the workout freaks without making them “high.” You can get different results by using hemp oil before and after the workout. Let’s have a brief account of all those effects.

  • Energy supplementation:
    Scientists have not studied this aspect of hemp oil a lot, but hemp oil consumers generally rave about the hemp oil potential to boost energy. Moreover, researchers conducted a study in 2014 that hints at hemp oil role in promoting wakefulness in some people.
    hemp oil can affect other issues that have the ability to increase energy levels. It does so by improving the sleeping pattern and reducing energy-draining anxiety.
    By exciting the energy, it aids the body in carrying out the workout for a more extended period without getting tired. This feature motivates people to have hemp oil before the workout.
  • Reducing Pain and Inflammation:
    If you have ever had a workout in your life, you must have an idea about the muscle discomfort that follows the exercise. The overactivity of muscles makes them stiff and painful. The resulting pain restricts the mobility of the body or particular joint. That being said, it might be a limiting factor for the next workout session too.
    hemp oil miraculously acts to reduce the inflammation and consequently the resulting pain. A study conducted in 2017 back this hypothesis.
    Therefore, if you are a hemp oil consumer, you can go on with your workout routine without having to worry about the post-workout muscle inflammation and pain.

  • Alleviates anxiety:

    With the increasing technology, people are surprisingly getting busier although there is a lot to save their time. This ever-growing busy and fast life is promoting different mental diseases in people all around the globe. The physical illness might be affecting the body only, but the mental illness aspects body and its performance. Anxiety and depression induce lethargy and sleepiness, preventing you from focusing on even the most manageable daily life tasks.
    One of the effects of hemp oil that scientists have studied the most is anxiety. hemp oil soothes the nerves in the body, and on that account, it promotes relaxation. A relaxed body has more potential to actively move than a tensed one. So, hemp oil improves the working out capability of the body by reducing symptoms of anxiety and other mental disorders.
    Furthermore, the tendency of a body to focus on movements increases as the body relaxes. This factor helps a lot in performing the proper exercise during the workout.
  • Treats Insomnia:
    About 30% of the adult population in the US is struggling with insomnia. Disturbed sleep pattern can considerably reduce the ability of a person to function actively when awake.
    Workout freaks often have an idea about how sleep is an essential factor behind muscle recovery and normal functioning. Hence, a person becomes vulnerable to muscle injuries if he doesn’t get enough sleep while carrying out a challenging workout routine.
    The hemp oil consumers have claimed that hemp oil-based products help with sleep disorders and promote deep, peaceful sleep. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about insomnia and resulting muscle recovery issues if you are consuming hemp oil.
    Besides promoting muscle recovery by inducing sleep, it also has the potential to maximize performance during a workout. It might be because the sleep “recharges” a tired body and boosts up its energy; that’s why we are fresh when we wake up in the morning. That might also be the reason for most people’s choosing morning time for the exercise.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure:
    Athletes and sportsperson need to regularly monitor their blood pressure because sports activity can increase blood pressure. The elevated blood pressure might be harmful in some cases.
    A study conducted in 2017 showed that hemp oil potentially reduced blood pressure in some athletes. If you often face elevated blood pressure issue, you need to give hemp oil a shot before the workout. It will keep you on the safe side while enhancing the quality of life by improving body functions.

  • Increases Endurance:

    Endurance is the most wanted factor of an athlete’s life, and fortunately, hemp oil serves to improve this aspect. Scientists researched in 2015 that discovered the role of hemp oil as endurance enhancing substance. hemp oil does so by following an exciting mechanism. When hemp oil gets absorbed in the blood, it elevates the production rate of endorphins. Endorphins work to increase the endurance of the body. With increased endurance, you can perform the workout for a more extended period without getting your muscles fatigued.


hemp oil has come to change the lives of human beings for good. If you are not taking any benefit out of it, then you are missing a lot. Especially if you are a health freak, you need to check out hemp oil-based products.

People who use hemp oil before and after the workout have shown enhanced endurance and strength with the slightest chance of injury or pain. 

hemp oil-based sex enhancement products are becoming more widely available. Currently, there is more discussion than analysis on how well the goods perform.

Hemp oilproducts may be worth trying if you’re looking for ways to improve your sex life because they currently have few reported side effects.

However, if you and your wife are thinking of starting a family, speak to your doctor about the side effects of using hemp oil  products.

There are so many hemp oil topicals available in the market. With so much information comes doubt as a user may get confused between real and fake products.

The easiest way to avoid being cheated by fake products is to go for sellers that are selling lab-tested products. Brands like ‘The heavenly Garden’ puts authentic lab reports of their products online for complete transparency. 

Moreover, their products contain optimized THC levels as regulated by law. This makes their product safe to consume medically and legally. 

Heavenly Garden’s Passion tonic is the perfect product to boost your libido level which will not only help you to perform better in bed but also in the gym and your daily activities. This is a tonic on the go, as wherever you are, you can easily use it and enjoy the boost of libido in your body. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy the perks of the unique gift that nature has revealed for you.hemp 

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