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About Topicals

About Topicals

A topical is a product that is applied directly to the skin. Because our topical CBD products are made using the highest quality CBD oil and are reinforced with a nourishing formula, usage for pain relief is recommended.

Topical Uses

Topical Uses

As claimed by our customers, the CBD helps with quick pain relief, anti-inflammation, wound healing, and treating joint pain. DMSO or ( dimethylsulfoxide) is known to help with pain relief and aid in faster wound healing. Our pain cream contains broad-spectrum CBD oil that has helped numerous customers counter joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, and has aided in wound healing. The Shea butter in our cream contains anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. Along with Mango Butter and Eucalyptus Essential Oil, it properly hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth, supple, and fresh.

Other Products

We are happy to offer several different presentations for our CBD extract.




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